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Hank struggles to fulfill his duties as a now-single father to the increasingly rebellious Becca, who brings him into the orbit of an academic circle; Charlie moves back in with Marcy even as they work out a divorce.

Hank becomes a reluctant college professor and immediately lands in hot water over a too-honest critique of a student’s work; Charlie becomes overly involved in Marcy’s romantic life, with negative results.

Hank attends a university mixer and consoles his jilted assistant the only way he knows how; Charlie celebrates his first talent signing at his new agency by falling into the arms of his boss, Sue Collini.

Hank objects to Becca’s new, more adult fashion sense, and drags Charlie to a strip club in an effort to discover the secret life of a talented student; Charlie and Marcy’s house sale goes awry for an unexpected reason.

Hank spends a bachelor weekend with an old buddy and shows him a debauched good time at a party hosted by Sue Collini and her eccentric husband; the rekindled relationship of Charlie and Marcy hits a speed bump.

A weekend visit from Karen is interrupted by trouble with Becca and her best friend Chelsea; Charlie is crushed when Marcy consummates her girlhood crush on rocker Rick Springfield.

Hank tries to set things right with Karen but his multiple romantic entanglements become ever more entangled; Becca calls out her father on the terrible example he sets for her; Charlie fights to keep Sue’s favorite client.

A night of hedonistic abandon with one of his students and a pair of strippers ends badly when Hank is besieged by Charlie, an angry Rick Springfield, two of his other lovers, and his boss – resulting in an epic showdown.

Hank’s exploits with his boss’s wife are exposed when Becca and Chelsea get into a campus brawl; Charlie scrambles to keep Marcy away from cocaine-addicted client Rick Springfield, jeopardizing his job.

Hank takes Charlie on a bender to console him over losing his job, but they both end up having a near-death experience during a convenience store robbery; Karen hosts Becca and Marcy on a girls night out.

An end-of-semester mixer at his boss’s house results in a Civil War-style duel between the host and Hank, which ends in catharsis for all concerned; Charlie and Marcy’s house is sold on the same day their divorce papers arrive.

Hank is surprised by a visit from Mia and her slimy boyfriend-manager, which results in Karen learning Hank’s of long-hidden dalliance with her stepdaughter; Charlie faces losing Marcy for good.


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